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Summer "DOYO"・7/21(Fri)〜23(Sun)/Tokyo session in July.

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Notice of the Tokyo session in July.

In the second half of July, when the heat is in full swing,

In the lunar calendar, the end of summer "Natsudoyo (7/20-8/7)" enters.

Even during the change of season "Doyo"The well-known "Summer Doyo"Severe heat and humidity, air conditioning and cold food weaken the internal organs and weaken the immune system. Among the 4 times a year "Doyo", it is the most likely to get sick. It's time to do some maintenance.

The timing of "detoxification and purification" at the beginning of the new moon is also high.

Firmly use the power around you and purify and adjust your mind and body

Let's enjoy the full sun season.


*Please contact us if you would like a start time other than the listed time.

[Summer Doyo / Kanto session available schedule]

◎7/21 (Fri) 13:00~, 15:00~, 18:00~, 21:00~

◎7/22 (Sat) 16:00~, 20:00~

◎7/23 (Sun) 10:00~, 13:00~, 15:00~, 17:00~ ◎Please inquire about 7/20 (Thu/starting day of "Summer Doyo") and 24 (Mon).

●Detailed location will be announced at the time of booking. (Scheduled for a salon in Tokyo)

●Business trip style to your home in the Kanto area (business trip fee and transportation fee are required separately) etc. are also possible.Please feel free to contact us.


●Please see here. (HP→Therapy menu)

(Prices and times are different from those listed.)

●It is okay to come to the course and decide after counseling.

Please select your desired "course time" from the following and make a reservation.

[Time and fee (tax included)]

90 minutes / 23,000yen

120 minutes / 27,000 yen (essential oil 2ml, 1 type / LIFEWAVE patch)

150 minutes / 30,000 yen (essential oil 2ml, 2 types / LIFEWAVE patch )

180 minutes / 33,000 yen (essential oil 2ml, 3 types / LIFEWAVE patch )

●If you pay in cash, you will receive a 1,000 yen discount. ●You can also pay by credit card or paypay.

Includes time before and after counseling, sharing, changing clothes, etc.

We recommend a course of 150 minutes or more for first-timers and those who want to receive a thorough treatment.

[Reservations and Inquiries]

Looking forward to meeting you.

rainbow sasa

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