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Kaori Sasayama

1978'3'8 (women's day) Born in Kobe, raised in Shiga.

Since twenties, I traveled around the world and lived while experiencing the climate, people, food, and culture of many countries.
In 2006, I encountered down-to-earth bodywork (polarity therapy, craniosacral, cranial osteopathy, etc.) and yoga.
Learn knowledge and methods related to various bodies and minds, such as yoga and Thai massage, both in Japan and overseas.
 mental and physical adjustments for musicians, photographers, artists, writers, and other professionals in Japan and abroad.
Currently based in Kobe, using essential oils with high vibra
tions, original healing, massage, energy work,
He conducts yoga classes and various workshops all over Japan and overseas.


Since 2009, also been producing and planning events and retreats that touch on music, food, clothing, shelter, body and mind
throughout Japan and abroad.

and works as a coordinator connecting various fields.


Rainbow sasa Kaori sasa yama
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