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high vibration essential oils

Luxurious course to fully use


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Single course 70 minutes 9,000 yen


double course

(Choose two from Ⅰ・Ⅱ・Ⅲ)

100 minutes 13,000 yen


triple course

(All Ⅰ・Ⅱ・Ⅲ)

140 minutes 17,000 yen


Raindrop Technique

It is said that the past, feelings, and substances that you don't need accumulate in your back [spine].
And it manifests itself as a distorted posture, spine, and even a disease somewhere in the mind or body.
However, it is difficult to take care of yourself. 


The raindrop technique uses human hands and essential oils with antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties on your back.
A simple and powerful way to cleanse the mind and body and enhance the body's natural healing abilities by applying it locally (spine).


Based on the ritual that the Native American Lakota tribe performed with breathing under the starry sky,

While appreciating the healing power of plants,
Gently wash away your body like raindrops... This is a treatment for such purification.

It is recommended to take Vitaflex and Neuro Oricula at the same time for even better results.  




The bottom of the foot is said to be the second heart, where points (reflex zones) that are deeply connected to the whole body are gathered.


Vitaflex is a method that uses the action (reflex action) that stimulates the reflex area and indirectly affects the brain and the part that is connected to the reflex area.

It can sometimes be more effective than touching the problem area directly.


Vitaflex is a highly effective massage that distributes essential oils throughout the body.

In particular, if you apply it before the raindrop technique, it will be highly effective in promoting the penetration and action of essential oils.

Seven kinds of essential oils work from the level of the invisible spirit to the level of the body,
It brings deep and gentle healing to your emotions and heart.



Neuro Auricular Technique 

Nuro means "neurotransmitter" and ocular means "stimulates acupuncture points".


It is a technique that works on the brain and spinal nerves with pinpoint accuracy, adjusting the autonomic nerves and hormones,
It is a technique to cleanse, release and regulate the central nervous system.


By opening the deep, narrow spaces between the spines that are hard to touch, and the spines that are stuck together, the flow of energy is opened and
Nuro Oricula Technique, in which the life force itself begins to pulsate abundantly.


Autonomic nervous system and hormonal adjustment, release from unconscious tension and anxiety, release of trauma and deep emotional wounds, neck tightness or neck pain,
It is said to be highly effective for cervical vertebra clogging, tension, antidepressant, and insomnia.


If you receive it as a set with the rain drop, it will be a work with a very high synergistic effect.






・You can make a reservation even if you have not decided on the menu you will receive.


・It is okay to come on the day and decide after counseling.


・All times include counseling time.


Please feel free to contact us.



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