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You can receive it with your clothes on

Course to adjust body and energy IV

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 70 minutes   ¥8,000
100 minutes 12,000 yen

140 minutes 16,000 yen

Rainbow energy therapy (polarity therapy)

Plus and minus, yin and yang, moon and sun, up and down, head and feet, right and left, positive and negative, body and mind...

Two opposites cannot exist alone,
It circulates like a wave, coexisting and balancing.


Find out what is blocking the flow and let it flow.

The mind, body, and energy will return to a comfortable state.


"Craniosacral Unwinding" "Polarity Therapy"

An original therapy that mixes "Thai massage".






・You can make a reservation even if you have not decided on the menu you will receive.


・It is okay to come on the day and decide after counseling.


・All times include counseling time.


Please feel free to contact us.



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