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absorb, digest and nurture

Please feel free to contact us as we can customize the contents and time according to your wishes.
See below for details.


[Energetic Raindrop Course]

It is said that the past, feelings, and substances that you don't need accumulate in your back [spine].
And it manifests itself as a distorted posture, spine, and even a disease somewhere in the mind or body.
However, it is difficult to take care of yourself.

rain drop techniquecombines human hands with essential oils with antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
By applying it locally (spine), it purifies the mind and body, corrects the distortion of the spine, and promotes physical constitution improvement.
A simple yet powerful way to enhance your body's natural healing abilities.

It has the power to dissolve and excrete chemical substances accumulated in the body,
9 types of high-quality essential oils (7 types of single oils and 2 types of blended oils)
It drips down your back and spine like raindrops.

A back massage is also included, so you can relax by releasing tension and unnecessary stress on your spine.

A ritual performed by the Native American Lakota tribe with breathing under the starry sky
While appreciating the healing power of plants, gently wash away like raindrops...
Treatment for purification.

After explaining such a "rain drop technique" in an easy-to-understand manner,
By actually practicing in pairs, you will be able to master it properly.


"Polarity Therapy" "Cranio Sacral"etc.

I will also tell you a simple method.

This class is for those who are already doing body work such as massage, and those who want to do it in the future.
It is also recommended for those who wish to take care of the health of their families and friends in this way, which was the wish of the founder, Mr. Gary Young.

*For this treatment, we hope to "bring the blessings of truly pure essential oils to people all over the world."
Created by Gary Young, the leading authority on naturopathy with essential oils in the United States
young living companyWe will use the only one. 

"Five major elements 5elements course"
"Vitaflex on the sole of the foot and aroma course"
If you take a set with this, you will learn deeply and I highly recommend it.


[Course schedule / example]
・ Lecture on essential oils, raindrops, etc. 1-1.5 hours
・Rain drop treatment lecture (demonstration) 1 hour

・ Practical practice in pairs for 2 hours    

・Summary including Q&A: 1 hour


[Price (textbook, oil, course fee included)]
One-on-one private style
From 40,000 yen
(Please come with someone who will be a demo)
Group course for 3 or more people

From 25,000 yen

"Set course discount" is available.


rainbow sasa salon

Business trip style to your home, venue, etc.

[Clothes and belongings]
Loose clothes that can be separated from the top and bottom ・ Writing utensils ・ 2 bath towels ・ 2 towels


[Vitaflex and Energetic Aroma Course for soles]

How to incorporate essential oils into your life, basic selection, usage, etc.
A course that is easy to understand.

and young'sVitaflex methodA method of applying essential oils to the soles of the feet as self-care,
I will tell you how to use essential oils for foot reflexology.

hold your feet"Polarity Therapy" "Cranio Sacral"mixed
I will teach you how to listen in a simple way.

・Those who want to add a foot treatment at the beginning or end of body treatments such as rain drops
・ Those who want to learn or review the Vitaflex method
・ Those who want to learn about the reflex zones on the soles of the feet and use essential oils
・ Those who want to use it for self-care and family care for internal organs, spine, and mental and physical problems

It is recommended for those who are like the above.

*For this treatment, we hope to "bring the blessings of truly pure essential oils to people all over the world."
Created by Gary Young, the leading authority on naturopathy with essential oils in the United States
young living companyUse only one.


[Course schedule / example]
・ Lecture on essential oils 1-1.5 hours

・Vitaflex demonstration 1 hour 

・Practice in pairs: 1.5 hours

・Self-care method for the reflex zones on the soles ・Summary 1 hour to 1.5 hours

[Course fee (text, oil,Course fee included)]

One-on-one private style
From 35,000 yen
Group course for 2 or more people

20,000 Yen~

"Early Bird Discount" and "Set Discount" are available.


Shorts or loose pants, 2 towels, writing utensils

[Five major elements, 5elements, lecture]

The five major elements [sky, wind, fire, water, and earth] that balance our bodies, minds, and everything in the natural world.

What are the five major elements and 5elements?
Body and mind, yin and yang, sun and moon, sky and earth, sky, wind, fire, water and earth in all things.
Everything circulates, becomes a spiral, and you can live comfortably by flowing.
We humans, animals, plants, and Mother Earth.

However, if that flow is blocked for some reason,
It will come out as a malfunction of the body and mind.

for example···

◎The throat part is controlled by 【empty】・・・space. Imagination. 
"People who often have a sore throat or who feel stuck should not express what they have (passion, ability, etc.)
You may not have a good way to express yourself, or you may be stifling your imagination and dreams.

◎ It is [fire] that governs the gastrointestinal tract. anger. Decisiveness.
"People who are prone to gastrointestinal upset may not be able to handle their passion or anger well,
You may be running away from making decisions.


of such five elementsKnowing each nature, corresponding part and its meaning,
You will learn how each person can live comfortably.

follow the moon and natural cycles"Moon Cycle & Yin Yoga"and,
By “learning” after preparing “body and mind”
Please attend after increasing your mental and physical "absorption power".

"Vitaflex Course",
"Raindrop Course"
You can acquire the knowledge that forms the basis of the methods and ways of thinking of

[Course schedule / example]
・Moon Cycle & Yin Yoga 1-1.5 hours

・ Lecture (including Q&A) 1~2 hours 

[Participation fee (including text and course fee)]
From 10,000 yen
"Early Bird Discount" and "Set Discount" are available.

[Clothes and belongings]
Writing utensils, clothes that are easy to move in, yoga mats, towels, etc.

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