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[Five major elements, 5elements, lecture]

The five major elements [sky, wind, fire, water, and earth] that balance our bodies, minds, and everything in the natural world.

What are the five major elements and 5elements?
Body and mind, yin and yang, sun and moon, sky and earth, sky, wind, fire, water and earth in all things.
Everything circulates, becomes a spiral, and you can live comfortably by flowing.
We humans, animals, plants, and Mother Earth.

However, if that flow is blocked for some reason,
It will come out as a malfunction of the body and mind.

for example···

◎The throat part is controlled by 【empty】・・・space. Imagination. 
"People who often get sore throats or feel stuck should not express what they have (passion, ability, etc.)
You may not have a good way to express yourself, or you may be stifling your imagination and dreams.

◎ It is [fire] that governs the gastrointestinal tract. anger. Decisiveness.
"People who are prone to gastrointestinal upset may not be able to handle their passion or anger well,
You may be running away from making decisions.


of such five elementsKnowing each nature, corresponding part and its meaning,
You will learn how each person can live comfortably.

follow the moon and natural cycles"Moon Cycle & Yin Yoga"and,
By “learning” after preparing “body and mind”
Please attend after increasing your mental and physical "absorption power".

"Vitaflex Course",
"Raindrop Course"
You can acquire the knowledge that forms the basis of the methods and ways of thinking of

[Course schedule / example]
・Moon Cycle & Yin Yoga 1-1.5 hours

・ Lecture (including Q&A) 1~2 hours 

[Participation fee (including text and course fee)]
From 5,000 yen
"Early Bird Discount" and "Set Discount" are available.

[Clothes and belongings]
Writing utensils, clothes that are easy to move in, yoga mats, towels, etc.

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