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[Vitaflex and Energetic Aroma Course for soles]

How to incorporate essential oils into your life, basic selection, usage, etc.
A course that is easy to understand.

and young'sVitaflex methodA method of applying essential oils to the soles of the feet as self-care,
I will tell you how to use essential oils for foot reflexology.

hold your feet"Polarity Therapy" "Cranio Sacral"mixed
I will teach you how to listen in a simple way.

・Those who want to add a foot treatment at the beginning or end of body treatments such as rain drops
・ Those who want to learn or review the Vitaflex method
・ Those who want to learn about the reflex zones on the soles of the feet and use essential oils
・ Those who want to use it for self-care and family care for internal organs, spine, and mental and physical problems

It is recommended for those who are like the above.

*For this treatment, we hope to "bring the blessings of truly pure essential oils to people all over the world."
Created by Gary Young, the leading authority on naturopathy with essential oils in the United States
young living companyUse only one.


[Course schedule / example]
・ Lecture on essential oils 1-1.5 hours

・Vitaflex demonstration 1 hour 

・Practice in pairs: 1.5 hours

・Self-care method for the reflex zones on the soles ・Summary 1 hour to 1.5 hours

[Course fee (text, oil,Course fee included)]

One-on-one private style
From 25,000 yen
Group course for 2 or more people

20,000 Yen~

"Early Bird Discount" and "Set Discount" are available.

[Clothes and belongings]

Shorts or loose pants, 2 towels, writing utensils

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