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"SATSUKI" (6th June.- 5th July) Session Schedule

Gemini New Moon ● 6/6(Thu) 21:38

Satsuki (June 6 to July 5), which includes the Summer Solstice (June 21) when yang is at its highest, begins.

Satsuki is also known as the month of “Samidare” (May rain).

Satsuki” means ‘holy’ and ‘midare’ means ”dripping.

It is the season of rain, a blessing essential for the growth of rice.

Hydrangea blooms in this season.

The etymology of the word “hydrangea” is “asu” (gathering) and “sai” (indigo),

meaning the season of blue.

The beautiful satsuki (satsuki azalea) season,

when fresh greenery contains abundant blessings of water and becomes even more blue.

The body and mind are prone to dampness and illness due to the rainy season and the humidity

that comes with the heat.

During this time of year, I highly recommend the Raindrop Technique,

a treatment in which therapeutic-grade essential oils with high detoxifying power are applied generously to the spine.

Let's make sure to flush out the unwanted and moisten the body with good things.

【"SATSUKI(6th June to 5th July)" Session Schedule 】 

○=Available between 9:00 and 23:00.

Please contact us regarding the style of traveling to other prefectures or your home.

June 6th(Thu/New Moon)○


8th(Sat)○ 9th(Sun)


11th(Tue)○ 12th(Wed)○ 13th(Thu)○





18th June to 12th July

stay in Italy and Spain, and more...

Please contact me if you would like to have your treatment in Europe. CONTACT

 Basically, I accept up to complete reservation system, two people per day.

For those who find it difficult to go out due to any reasons, and those who want to take their time at home, also support business trip style to your home.

Please feel free to contact us.

[For those who have received session in kobe]  

I will choose and present it according to the person's "now".

For inquiries and reservations, please here.

  rainbow sasa

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