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Fumizuki (8/16-9/14) treatment schedule.

Clear sky season

While the lingering summer heat remains

In the evening breeze, in the skyI feel the signs of autumn little by little"July".

In the "Yin-Yang Five Elements Theory (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water)" of "Oriental Medicine"Autumn is said to be "gold" and the corresponding organ is "lungs".

Changes in atmospheric pressure due to typhoons that increase in the Fumizuki can easily disrupt the "hormone balance".

Breathing becomes shallow due to the still remaining "humidity",The season when you are more likely to have trouble with the "respiratory system in general".

And the lingering summer heat is still severe,in air conditioning, cold foods and drinks makes ′′ Gastrointestinal ′′ and ′′ Kidney ′′ and ′′ Liver ′′ tend to be weak.

Firmly prepare your mind and body and strengthen your own powerEnjoy the beginning of the new season. ---

[Month (August 16-September 14)・Available dates for treatment] ○=I can accept it between 9:00 and 23:00. Other prefectures, please contact us for a business trip style to your home.

8/16 (Wed/New Moon)○ 8/17 (Thu) 8-14 8/18 (Friday) - 21 (Monday) × 8/22 (Tuesday, Tanabata, Bamboo Festival) 16-23 8/23 (Wed/Summer)○ 8/24 (Thursday, First Quarter Moon)○ 8/25 (Fri) 8-13

8/26 (Sat) 15-23 8/27 (Sun) ○

8/28 (Mon) ○

8/29 (Tue) × 8/30 (Wed) 13-23 8/31 (Thursday, full moon) × 9/1 (Friday) 15-23

9/2 (Sat) ○ 9/3 (Sun) ○

9/4 (Mon) ○

9/5 (Tue) ○ 9/6 (Wednesday) ○ 9/7 (Thursday, First Quarter Moon)○ 9/8 (Fri/Hakuro)-11 (Mon)

Kanto Session ( tokyo/kanagawa/chiba and more ) 9/12 (Tue) ○

9/13 (Wednesday) ○ 9/14 (Thursday) ○

Basically, I accept up to [complete reservation system, two people per day. For those who find it difficult to go out due to the heat or other reasons, and those who want to take their time at home

We also support business trip style to your home. Please feel free to contact us.

[For those who have received the Fumitsuki session] Young Living essential oils (2ml) that you can use it as a spray or as it is for application and fragrance Young Living essential oils (2ml) or the Lifewave patch.

I will choose and present it according to the person's "now".

For inquiries and reservations, please here. here.

Rainbow sasa

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