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"SHIWASUTSUKI(11th Jan. to 9th Feb.)" Session Schedule


Snow piles up while absorbing sound.

Melting water fuels and revives life.

On January 18th is beginning of the "Winter Doyou (18th Jan. to 3rd Feb.)" that is end of winter.

and the beginning of a new season "Risshun (4th Feb.)".

"SHIWASUTSUKI" is the last month of the lunar calendar.

So, we will start a new year and the season.

"Doyo" and "New Year's Eve" are the best time for maintenance.

Let's use them to organize, tidy, and clean up our body and mind and enjoy a beautiful new beginning.


"SHIWASUTSUKI(11th Jan. to 9th Feb.)" Session Schedule ○=Available between 9:00 and 23:00.

Please contact us regarding the style of traveling to other prefectures or your home.

January 11th(Thu・New Moon) 12th(Fri)○ 13th(Sat)○ 14th(Sun)○

18th(Thu・begging of "Winter Doyo"・waxing moon)○ 19th(Fri)9-13

20th(Sat・Taikan)× 21st(Sun)13-22 22rd(Mon)○ 23rd(Tue)○ 24th(Web)× 25th(Thu)○ 26th(Fri・Full Moon)○ 27th(Sat)○ 28th(Sun) 29th(Mon)

30th(Tue)○ 31th(Web)○ February 1st(Thu)○ 2nd(Fri)○ 3rd(Sat・end of "Winter Doyo"・waning moon)○ 4th(Sun・beginning of "Spring")○ 5th(Mon)○

6th(Tue)○ 7th(Web)○ 8th(Thu)○ 9th(Fri・New Year's Eve of Luna Calendar)○

Basically, I accept up to complete reservation system, two people per day.

For those who find it difficult to go out due to any reasons, and those who want to take their time at home, also support business trip style to your home.

Please feel free to contact us.

[For those who have received the SHIWASUTSUKI session] Young Living essential oils (2ml) that you can use it as a spray or as it is for application and fragrance Young Living essential oils (2ml) or the Lifewave patch.

I will choose and present it according to the person's "now".

For inquiries and reservations, please here. here.

Rainbow sasa

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