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SHIMOTSUKI (13th Dec. 2023 - 10th Jan. 2024) Treatment schedule

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

In ancient times, it was considered the turning point of a year.

"Winter Solstice" is the day when the darkness is the deepest and the light turns to light.

Furthermore, "New Year's Eve" from 2023 to 2024

"SHIMOZUKI" is a time of great changes.

December is full of such powerful changes

The real cold weather has arrived and the body tends to stiffen,

It's also a time when it's easy to get sick due to the fatigue and busyness of the year.

It's like a year-end cleaning, deep cleaning of your mind and body. Let's enjoy this beautiful new beginning.


[Shimotsuki (12/13-2024/1/10)/Available dates for treatment]

○=Available between 9:00 and 23:00.

Please contact us regarding the style of traveling to other prefectures or your home.

December 2023

13 (Wed/New Moon)○

14 (Thu) - 16 (Sat) ×

17 (Sun)○

18 (Mon) 15-22

19 (Tue) ○

20 (Wed/first quarter moon)○

21 (Thu) ×

22 (Fri/Winter Solstice)○

23 (Sat) 9-15

24 (Sun)○

25 (Mon)○

26 (Tue) ○

27 (Wed/Full Moon)○

28 (Thu) ○

29 (Fri) ○

30 (Sat) ○

31 (Sun) 9-14

January 2024

1 (Mon/New Year's Day)×

2 (Tue) ○

3 (Wed)×

4 (Thu/waning moon) 15-22

5 (Fri)○

6 (Sat)○

7 (Sun)○

8 (Mon/Holiday)○

9 (Tue) ○

10 (Wed)○

Basically, I accept up to [complete reservation system, two people per day.

For those who find it difficult to go out due to the heat or other reasons, and those who want to take their time at home

We also support business trip style to your home.Please feel free to contact us.

[For those who have received the SHIMOZUKI session] Young Living essential oils (2ml) that you can use it as a spray or as it is for application and fragrance Young Living essential oils (2ml) or the Lifewave patch.

I will choose and present it according to the person's "now".

For inquiries and reservations, please here. here.

Rainbow sasa

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